Our platforms embody the principles of DevSecOps and CI/CD (MLOps), simplifying and automating the end to end machine learning and AI process in the cloud.

01 / Speed

Create machine learning models, from ideation to productisation, in a matter of minutes.

02 / Scale

Our platforms have the ability to handle Big Data - millions of rows and terabytes of data.

03 / Simplicity

Automation removes the complexity associated with machine learning. All you need to provide is the data.  

04 / Standardisation

Fully integrated, standardised platform that eliminates the heavy lifting of a traditional, complex, and manual machine learning process. 


Industry-proven automated machine learning platform for the structured data.

AugustAi builds and deploys predictive models in the cloud at speed and at scale, whilst maintaining precision, insights and visibility over machine learning business decisions, benefits and ROI.


Fully automated Natural Language Processing platform with the following ML model build capabilities:

  • Text Classification or Categorisation

  • Question Answering

  • Multiple Choice Question & Answering

  • Text Summarisation

  • Named Entity Recognition (NER)


About Us


Distil, demystify and democratise ML and AI.


Our AugustAi and NoamAi platforms help you achieve outcomes with speed and scale. We specialise in full stack machine learning - from ideation to productisation, from business case to business value.


We are a Melbourne-based technology company in Australia focused on machine learning and AI for structured and unstructured  data. Our passion is to translate cutting edge technology into tangible business value.


We work with clients from the financial services, telecommunication and market research industries. We also service verticals such as utilities, transport, supply chain, legal, FMCG, medical and government sectors.


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